20 Years of Service!


For over 20 years, Sarah has played an important part in SimpsInns. From our beginning at the Old Loans Inn, Troon to our newest venture, GG’s Coffee Shop & Sports Lounge, at The Gailes, Sarah has always strived to help better the business and we are beyond thankful for her time here over the past two decades. Cheers too many more good times.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her 20 years’ service, “I started at The Old Loans Inn and had really planned to work there only for the summer to get back working again after having my daughter Abbi, but 20 years on I'm still here with SimpsInns!

At The Old Loans Inn we all mucked in and did a bit of everything then after three years there, I moved to The Gailes Hotel when it opened and became a Supervisor working between the restaurant and reception. As the hotel got busier I made the move to reception and then when the
Lagavulin Suite got built, my job role became more reception and sales. When the business grew that's when my job role became Sales and Events.

I love working with people and have met some fantastic people over the years. I enjoy meeting with couples looking to plan their wedding day and being a part of the excitement of them choosing their venue and then assisting with their planning. It is the best feeling when we receive an email or card after a wedding or event saying they had the best day as it means so much to all the team and you know all the hard work is worth it.”

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